Melbourne Pool Fencing

Does your next construction plan include building a pool for your clients? Ensure their safety by placing your order for top quality pool fencing with ClearShield – leading security solutions provider in Melbourne.

A pool is a great addition to any property, commercial or domestic. Not only does it offer decorative value and act as eye candy, it also provides an additional space for relaxing and socializing. It is also a great way to get some exercise. Pools increase a sense of luxury and richness of any property they are built in.

Pools however, are also places where a number of accidents can take place. Whether they are installed in homes, offices, or commercial areas, if left unprotected, they can become a serious threat to toddlers, children, and pets, and to otherwise unsuspecting people passing by. But that does not mean you have to drop the idea of a pool itself because ClearShield has a solution to pool related safety problems.

Pool Fencing by ClearShield 

ClearShield being the experts in providing safety solutions has the expertise to design and manufacture elegant looking pool fencing, for our Melbourne clients, which can effectively reduce the number of pool-side accidents. Pool fencing is the process of creating a barrier that restricts entrance to the pool area. This barrier can effectively stop toddlers, young children, and pets to enter the pool area unattended.

Pool fencing is a must if you own a property or are building a property in Melbourne that holds a pool. Whether this property is being used for commercial or domestic purposes, if it has a depth of 30cm or more, law mandates the installation of pool fencing around the pool.

We know what Melbourne law states regarding the width, height, and thickness of the pool fencing and we make sure we follow these and help you follow safety regulations. We will incorporate these in the customized design requirements you may have – creating a balance and enabling you to meet your desires and simultaneously follow the law.

We also offer proficient repair and maintenance services and therefore if at any time your pool fencing gets damaged and compromises your safety, we can visit any place in Melbourne for providing speedy and accurate repairing services and get your pool fencing in an ‘as good as new’ condition as soon as possible.

As a home or commercial property owner or a builder, it is your responsibility to secure swimming pools and ClearShield is here to help you in arranging for this provision in a way that adds value to your property and gets you good value for your money. Our Melbourne clients are invited to send us an online request or give us a call regarding their pool fencing requirements any time convenient to them!