Clear Security Doors

Worried that the tried and tested security installations may obstruct the naturalistic outside view and become an obstacle? ClearShield has a solution for all security problems and this one is no different!

ClearShield, being the expert in Melbourne, can provide top quality strong see through security doors that do not compromise the view of the beautiful outdoors of occupants of a property. As a builder or an architect, you must feel the pressure of conflicting demands from your clients; they want you to arrange for security doors and security windows in a way that allows them to feel safe without having to compromise on the outside view. You need not get flustered because we at ClearShield have a solution! We can provide you high performing clear security doors that will serve both needs – security and providing unobstructed views of the outdoors!

See Through Security Doors

Our see through security doors are the most visually appealing security solutions out there because they are virtually see through, giving clear views of the outdoors yet providing security and safety to the properties they are installed in. We can build these doors using premium quality stainless steel sheet, intricately locked together with style and panache. There are no unsightly bars or rods or grills or horizontal slats obstructing views or ruining the aesthetic beauty of buildings. They are easy to clean with our smooth finish.

See through, our clear security doors are increasingly gaining popularity as more and more property owners desire a chic and modern look of their properties’ security mechanisms. But no intruder should get any wrong ideas about the strength and durability of our clear security doors – they are highly resistant to intruder’s activities! The mesh is highly durable, strong and offers maximum protection to the properties. It is hard to get through – we can be sure because we put it through a number of tests to ensure its reliability and tenacity!

Strong Security Doors

Our see through security doors are built for strength in a way that they absorb impact, thus they are highly resistant to penetration due to kicking or other kind of force. Their frame is also manufactured in a way that it provides maximum support to the sheet, keeping it attached securely in place, using no screws or rivets to hold the sheet into the frame, no matter how much pressure it applied to it.

The frame can be coloured according to your choice so that it meshes well with the surroundings and adds colour and vibrancy to the property it is installed in. With a range of design and colour options available, our strong, clear, see through security doors are one of the best security door choices available in Melbourne.

We can give you a free non-obligatory quote for your order so it becomes easier for you to make your decision of ordering see through security doors from us at ClearShield!