Colonial Doors

If you are planning to follow the colonial style construction for the next home or commercial property you are planning on building then we can help you complete your project by providing you top quality colonial doors. Welcome to ClearShield, your stop for getting colonial doors that will secure the entrances of your property with style and panache!

Colonial doors work great in domestic as well as commercial settings. Since they give a traditional look, they work well in Churches, Government buildings & offices, Universities and Restaurants as well. They can bear heavy traffic’s movement and stay good as new for long periods of time.

They can give an authentic look to buildings while maintaining its contemporariness and elegance. They are effective at creating a traditional look with a touch of modernism in any property they are installed in. The wooden texture of colonial doors creates a warm and inviting look with a rich and lustrous appearance, enhancing the quality of life of the occupants of that property.

Since ClearShield specializes in manufacturing products that help secure properties, our colonial doors are constructed to provide maximum security through their strength and durability. With a reliable and trustworthy locking system, our colonial doors are put through various testing procedures before being delivered to you for installation. They are well resistant to intrusion attempts and are great survivors of rough usage – making them an ideal choice for fast-paced commercial businesses.

We can give colours to colonial doors based on your choice so they blend in better with the aesthetic features of the rest of the property; they can be painted to any colour you desire. White, brown, black, or red – any colour would look great on a colonial style door. You can make a selection from our design collection or get a custom design made from us.

The classic look of a colonial door can make any property look elegant and stylish. Using fine quality wood to build your doors, ClearShield can be trusted to provide top quality doors that look and work great! So make sure you contact us for a free non-obligatory quote and make an informed decision. Choose value for your money –choose ClearShield for your door requirements!