Flyscreen Doors

ClearShield is your provider of the best quality Fly screen doors in Melbourne– doors that prove their functional as well as aesthetic worth!

Flyscreen doors are cost effective and practical solutions for protecting properties from pesky insects, bugs and flies! When you want to let some fresh air in and ventilate your home or office, fly screen doors allow you to open the doors without having to worry about flies, mosquitoes and other bugs entering the room and spreading their germs.

Flies and other bugs carry infectious diseases which they can easily transmit to residents and occupants of properties if they enter the rooms. If you own or are building a commercial setup like a candy shop or a flower shop, the place will naturally become extremely attractive for flies. Leaving the window or door open even for a little while can provide these little bugs a rich opportunity to come invade the setup and may even scare away customers from the shop!

In such situations, flyscreen doors work perfectly to deter them away from shops. Having them installed on windows can allow users to leave their windows open, allowing fresh air and light to enter rooms and make them airy and bright while keeping the flies out.

Aluminium and fibreglass are common materials for manufacturing top quality flyscreen doors. Aluminium screen doors are highly durable and giving them a darker shade can make them look elegant and sophisticated. We can build screen doors for our clients in Melbourne using material of their choice so that it blends in well with the style and design of the property you are constructing.

Screen Doors Melbourne

Our products are highly customizable so all your preferences and specifications are met accurately without compromising the functionality or the performance of the security products. Our fly screens are available for our clients in all shapes and sizes and will fit in perfectly in almost any area you require them to be installed in.

The frame within which the security screen is installed is also of high quality, ensuring the durability and strength of the entire product. All finishing details are executed with extreme care so that all intricate details are well taken care of.

Gardens and lawns can transform the way a property looks, add natural beauty, and enhance the aesthetics of any property. Now you can construct gardens in your commercial and domestic projects with beautiful plantations, trees and flowers because if at any time a bug or fly problem is created, there will be a provision to safeguard against them using our top quality flyscreen doors! So place your order today with us at ClearShield for top quality fly screen doors for your Melbourne projects or send us a request for a free non-obligatory quote!