Security Window Screens in Melbourne

Do not let your windows expose you to intruders; safeguard your privacy and secure your property by letting us provide you professional quality window security solutions – let ClearShield provide you top quality security window screens!

If you are a Builder ,Designer or Architect and are worried about how you are going to ensure safety of the beautiful and elegantly stylish windows you have incorporated in the building design without ruining their beauty and grace then leave all your worries behind! ClearShield is your expert in Melbourne and can provide you aesthetically appealing and highly functional security screens for windows of any style, design, size, and shape!

We are experts at customizing security window screens and mould them to fit all kinds of windows perfectly; enabling enhancement of security in properties, domestic as well as commercial.

Security Window Screens

Even if you are constructing a building in the safest of areas, the property could still be subjected to break-ins and burglary. In order to ensure the safety and protection of building, you must make arrangements for securing all entrances and exits, including windows.

A Clearshield security screen is a reliable and cost effective method to ensure windows are safe from threats of intrusions. When you imagine a security screen if you get an image of iron bars then let us tell you that the image would be incorrect. Although they perform the same duty, security screens look much different from security bars; which is why security screens are ideal for using in domestic and commercial buildings’ windows without making them look like confinements.

ClearShield makes sure that the window security screen is mounted on your windows in such a way that it does not look out of place – we will make it a part of the window so it does not stand out like a sore thumb. Our top quality security window screens also help in protecting the window glass from flying debris especially on windy days. And if a window needs to be opened to ventilate rooms, it can be opened without any fear of bugs and flies entering inside because the windows will be well protected by the security screens.

Other benefits of our security window screens include protection from the harmful UV rays and deterring heat from entering rooms during hot summers. And since they are custom made to go with the style of the building you are designing for construction, our window security screens will not take away anything from the beauty and elegance of your project.

So ensure the safety of properties by adding security window screens to enhance window security. Give us a call today at ClearShield and let us note down the specifications of your window screens!