Sliding Security Doors

When you think of sliding doors, one pictures delicate and graceful doors that are great for decorative purposes – but are they secure or eye candies for criminals and intruders? ClearShield can help you enjoy the aesthetic qualities and get security benefits as well by providing you top quality sliding security doors!

Sliding doors are the latest in door design and style. They look graceful and exceptionally exquisite, making a property look trendy, fashionable, and contemporary. Sliding doors can be operated manually or through a self-closing – we can provide many systems of operation that you desire. Whichever design, style, or size of sliding doors you require, we can deliver on the exact specifications without compromising on the security abilities of the door.

Sliding Security Doors by ClearShield

ClearShield provides top quality sliding security doors to our Melbourne clients for all kinds of commercial and domestic projects. We make sure that the main body of the sliding door is highly resistant to every day wear and tear. We put all our products through various NATA Approved tests to ensure their strength and durability. The solid look of the sliding security door we build speaks of its ability to provide protection to the property it is installed in.

High Quality Locking Systems

We use high quality Australian made locks that secure your door when fitted correctly, It ensures efficient operation of the door and keeps it firmly in place – resisting many attempts of unwanted intrusion. These locks can be installed at varying heights – as per your requirements and whatever is easy for you to operate.

When closed, our sliding security doors get locked firmly within the frame, ensuring their ability to provide protection to the properties they are installed in. We also pay special attention to the tracking system of the sliding doors and its rollers because their quality will affect the overall quality of the sliding door. If the quality of the tracks and rollers is not maintained, the doors will not operate properly or get secured in its place when closed, compromising the security and protection of the properties.

Glass Sliding Security Doors by ClearShield 

Glass sliding doors are the most vulnerable doors and most prone to criminal attacks, but they look the best!  ClearShield now makes it possible for you to install elegant and sophisticated glass sliding doors without having to compromise on security. We will supply and fit glass sliding doors and install a Clearshield sliding security door that at will make it difficult for any intruder to penetrate and enter inside. We can supply Timber, Aluminium or UPVC windows and doors to our Melbourne clients!

We can send you a free non-obligatory quote – so contact us today and let us supply top quality sliding security doors for your Melbourne projects!